Choosing Free Web Hosting with better features

Choosing Free Web Hosting with better features

Web hosting is a server rental service and application or software for the needs of a web server. By definition, the scope of web hosting is just a web server. But practically, web hosting also includes services for web server and mail server needs.

Usually there is a paid web hosting, but there are also free ones. You can run your website using free web hosting. But before deciding to choose free web hosting, you must consider many things. Given the limited features offered by free web hosting. The following are important things to consider.

How to Choose Free Web Hosting

– Knowing the storage capacity offered
Before choosing to use a free web hosting, you must first know about the storage capacity offered. You must find free web hosting that is sufficient for your site’s needs. Some providers usually offer capacities rangking from 100MB to 5000MB. Depending on the needs of your site, but usually the general capacity provided is enough.

– Find out about the type of ad that is displayed
Of course free web hosting usually has ads that will be displayed on your site. Find out first what type of ad will appear on your site. Who knows it doesn’t fit or doesn’t match the theme of the site you’re making.

– Knowing the operating system used
Usually free web hosting uses Unix based operating systems. You can find free web hosting that uses the windows operating system, but it could be that the offer is only ‘trial’, so you have to pay for it later. The reason why free web hosting uses the Unix operating system is because it can be obtained free of charge. Whereas for the Windows operating system must use a paid operating system that will burden free web hosting providers.

Choosing Free Web Hosting with better features– Ensure the number of e-mail accounts allowed
Usually free web hosting will offer email addresses associated with the user’s domain name. While others don’t. If you want to have an email address associated with your domain, find free web hosting that offers related domain email accounts.

– Read all terms and conditions of service
Of course this one you must not forget. Make sure that you have read the terms and conditions that apply. Many free web hosting services do not allow illegal or pornographic activities. By reading the terms and conditions that apply, you can avoid violations. The risk of ignoring the terms and conditions of the service is that your site can be removed suddenly from the server because it is considered to violate the existing rules. Therefore, make sure first that your site activities are compatible with the chosen web hosting.

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