Getting Confused by Web Hosting and Domain Let’s Get to Know More About their Distinctions

Getting Confused by Web Hosting and Domain? Let’s Get to Know More About their Distinctions!

Do you want to create your first website? Do not have any Idea about web hosting and domain? Or are you get confused in distinguishing both of them? here is the thing. In creating a website, two important frameworks determining your website existence is web hosting and domain. It is commonly occur to some people first time creating website to get confused between domain name registration and web hosting. As we have already known, before we start to find a suitable web hosting, we need to determine the domain of the website. Domain is the nme of your site or url that you may get it free or purchased domain from domain registrar.

After deciding the domain, your file site must be uploaded to the server in order to appear on the internet. In this case, you need web hosting. This can be hosted by hosting company, but you need to pay them, usually, monthly. The rate depends on the company who provides the service. Here are some examples of hosting provider:

Meanwhile, you can get domain from the following example of domain registrar which are quite popular:

Domain name is used depending on the purpose of the website itself. If the website is about commercial, then you can use .com. Meanwhile, if your website purposes to give education or to provide internet service, you may use .edu or .net. Meanwhile, web hosting is chosen based on amounts of traffic on your website. The larger traffic your website get, the higher your web hosting need to be upgraded as types of web hosting depends on their area of traffic. However, the more you upgrade web hosting, the more expensive you need to pay as the web hosting service provides satisfying result. For example VPS gives more area of larger traffic rather than shared hosting, so it is not surprising that VPS is more expensive than shared hosting. These are some examples of web hosting:

Shared web hosting
Reseller web hosting
Cloud based web hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Self Service Web hostin

However, each of those web hosting has its own strength and weakness, so you need to be wise to choose which web hosting you use. Thus, in web hosting and domain can’t be separatable since both of them have crucial role in creating website. Determine carefully to choose the best domain and web hosting to get more satisfaction and decide what your purpose in creating website.

Hopefully this article gives you information you need. Thank you for reading.

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