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Strength and Weakness of Using 3 Popular Web Hosting Services

If you get used to work on using internet as the main instrument of your bussiness, you must be familiar with the term “web hosting”. In this modern era in which working on using internet is growing fast, web hosting plays as the important roles in making a website. This fact makes web hosting services growing rapidly.

However, not all of those services are satisfying for clients. This will make you get confused to which web hosting service which you would choose. Isn’t that true? You should not be confused to find the best web hosting service since we will show you some popular web hosting services accomplished with their strength and weakness. These web hosting services provide different offers depending on your needs. They are presented below, here we go:

  •  Shared Hosting
    Shared Hosting is the most used type of web hosting services. This allows the server to share the resources, such as memory and disk space. The strength of shared hosting is the price is inexpensive, its feature eases the users , and pre-configured server. Besides, the maintenance and server administration is managed by hosting server. However, its weakness are that the user can’t control server configuration and when your webstie traffic is rapid, it will impact to your productivity.
  •  Cloud Web hosting
    By using cloud based web hosting, your site is not only hosted on one server, but it is hosted on a cluster of servers which is like a giant server. The strength of cloud web hosting is that it allows you to have extremelly large amount of website trafic. It means that the web hosting can accomodate the more rapid trafic which also will give advantage to your productivity. However, there is no managed plans which means that the clients must be able to handle the servers on their own.Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  •  Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
    This is almost similar with shared hosting that it allows you to share the server with other users. However, this also allows you to get larger traffic rather tha shared hosting, so VPS is the best one for website which has high traffic. The strength of VPS is that there is access to the root of server, easy scalability, and can be managed by the users. Besides, when the other websites get large amount of traffic, it will not impact to the web hosting. Its weakneses are that VPS is more expensive than shared hosting and the users need to acquire the the technique of server management.

    Those are the strength and the weakness of 3 popular types of web hosting. Hopefully information from this helps you to enrich your knowledge about web hosting. Thank you.

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