The Function and Definition Of a Domain

The Function and Definition Of a Domain

When you visit a site, you will type the domain name of the site. Domain is an identifier string that is used to identify a server, such as a web server or mail server on a computer or internet network so that it is easy to access by the user. Using a domain makes you not have to remember the IP address of the server to be targeted.

Because everything is set by the Domain Name Server (DNS) so the domain that is written will be directly connected to the server’s IP address. In short, it can be interpreted that the domain is used to communicate between humans and computers, while IP addresses are used to communicate between computers. So what are domain functions? The following is the review.

Function of Domain

You certainly often read .com or .org in the name of a site address. That is what is called a domain. In the hierarchy of the Domain Name System, there are several levels, namely Top Level Domains, Second Level Domains, and many more that have lower levels. Each level has different characteristics. Even so, the functions in each core domain are the same.
Domains play an important role, not only so that users can access web addresses without having to write only the server’s IP address. But also as the identity or brand of the website that you have. Therefore, the domain should be easy to remember and unique so that the website becomes easier to find by the target visitors to your site.

To choose a domain that is suitable for your site, try to choose a domain name that is easy to say and also easy to write. Try not to use dashes or numbers on your domain. Because the use of hyphens or numbers on the domain will make it difficult for people to recognize your domain. In addition, errors can also occur in writing domains. Use existing words as your domain name. You can also use new words that are unique and easy to remember for your site’s domain.

Examples of well-known domains such as .com domains are taken from the word commercial. This domain was originally intended for commercial organizations which were then opened to the public. Examples are There is also a .net domain taken from the word network. Originally intended for organizations that are struggling in the world of network technology.

But then finally opened to the public as an alternative to the .com domain. There is also a .org domain taken from the word organization. From this domain name, of course it is clear that the domain is intended for non-profit institutions or organizations. But now the .org domain has been widely used by the community. For example, or and others.

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