Top 3 Best Free Webhosting Providers and Domain Registrars

Top 3 Best Free Webhosting Providers and Domain Registrars

Top 3 Best Free Webhosting Providers and Domain Registrars
When dealing with web hosting and domain, you need to pick the right web hosting and domain name. This is crucial as your website existence is determined by those two things. Moreover, the cost of putting up and upholding a website may enhance rapidly, so picking free web hosting provider and domain registrar can help reduce your costs. That is why we list top 3 best free web hostings and domains to help you make the right decision. Firstly, we provide you top 5 best free web hosting providers you can pick to reduce your cost. Here we go:

– Inmotion Hosting
If you really want to get free web hosting, we extremelly recommend you to use web hosting service from “inmotion Hosting”. Inmotion Hosting provide free and paid web hosting which is the best web hosting you may concern to pick. It is suitable for you whether you are seeking for a shared hosting or business hosting or other needs because it delivers personalized support and stable price.

– Freehostia
Another free web hosting you may concern to pick is freehostia. Similar to “inmotion Hosting”, freehostia offers you paid and free web hosting. Chocolate, its free plan, provides 250 MB disk space for users, 6 GB bandwith each month, PHP & MySQL compatibility and 3 POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts. Gurantee of the server uptime is up to 99% and has great support. Meanwhile, Its paid plan offers a number of a distinctive hosting price with bizarre names like Lovebeat, Wildhoney, and Supernatural.
The third recommendation of free web hosting you may pick is Of the free web hosting we provide you above, freeHosting offers you the larger bandwith as it’s unlimited and you need to follow their Fair Use Policy. 10 GB of server space is provided for you as its feature.

Secondly, we also provide you top 3 best free domains you may choose to reduce your cost. Here we go:

  • Nameboy
    By providing simple steps to make domain name, Nameboy offers you the best name for your domain freely. All you need to do is visiting their website, enter keyword, and it will generate lots of domain name ideas for you.
  • IsItWP
    Similar to “Nameboy”, IsItWP offers a quick and instant generator to generate you lots of domain nam ideas using a variety of combination.
  • Shopify Business Name Generator
    This is one of the fastest and easiest domain name generator to use. By offering free and good tools, Shopify will give you ideas of domain name you may pick.

There is nothing wrong if you try all of those to find the best one for your website. However, since they are free, you can’t expect to get service as good as the paid one. Imperfect things always exist.
Hopefully it helps you to choose the best free web hosting and domain name for your website. Thank you for reading!

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